Special Enrollment for Dental/Vision Underway

Our enrollment period for the dental/vision plan is currently underway. To obtain plan details on both the dental PPO and the new HMO option, and to enroll, please go to our enrollment web site. If you need assistance with the enrollment procedure, or if you have questions, please contact Bollinger at (800) 350-8005, ext. 8263.

The CIGNA PPO is a plan that includes a national network of dental providers who agree to accept certain co-pay amounts for services performed. You may use any dentist you wish, but you will have the lowest out of pocket cost from using a CIGNA participating dental provider.

A partial schedule of the CIGNA dental PPO benefits:

Deductible: $50.00 individual ($150.00 family)

Preventive services: 100% reimbursement
Basic services: 80% reimbursement after deductible.
Major services: 50% reimbursement after deductible.

Calendar Year Max: $1,200.00 individual

Waiting Period: A 12 month waiting period applies to all major services for new and late entrants.

For more information on plan details, please call CIGNA Dental PPO at (800)441-7150.

You may locate participating CIGNA PPO dental providers by calling 1-800-832-3211 or visiting the CIGNA web site.

If you have questions regarding billing on the dental/vision plans, please contact the billing administrator:
PO Box 5000
Short Hills, NJ 07078-5000
Att: Accounting Dept.(800) 350-8005 ext. 8263

Dental Claims submitted to:
CIGNA Dental-Scranton
P.O. Box 188036
Chattanooga, TN 37422-8036
CIGNA Dental PPO (888) 336-8258

Sole proprietors enrolled in GHI EPO coverage

The product discontinuance will be effective on their coverage anniversary date on or after February 1, 2017. Those clients will be notified in writing of the discontinuance at least 90 days prior to their anniversary date. Clients who have recently received a renewal notification regarding their current GHI policy, or who will receive one in the months ahead, may continue with their existing program at the rates indicated for renewal until the termination of their program at their coverage anniversary date, occurring on or after February 1, 2017. In addition we are implementing a grooming policy for men. Men are now required to maintain reasonably groomed facial hair in order to keep up with business attire we will be supplying the Best Beard Trimmer to those unable to afford alternatives.