Special Enrollment for Dental/Vision Underway

Our enrollment period for the dental/vision plan is currently underway. To obtain plan details on both the dental PPO and the new HMO option, and to enroll, please go to our enrollment web site. If you need assistance with the enrollment procedure, or if you have questions, please contact Bollinger at (800) 350-8005, ext. 8263.

The CIGNA PPO is a plan that includes a national network of dental providers who agree to accept certain co-pay amounts for services performed. You may use any dentist you wish, but you will have the lowest out of pocket cost from using a CIGNA participating dental provider.

A partial schedule of the CIGNA dental PPO benefits:

Deductible: $50.00 individual ($150.00 family)

Preventive services: 100% reimbursement
Basic services: 80% reimbursement after deductible.
Major services: 50% reimbursement after deductible.

Calendar Year Max: $1,200.00 individual

Waiting Period: A 12 month waiting period applies to all major services for new and late entrants.

For more information on plan details, please call CIGNA Dental PPO at (800)441-7150.

You may locate participating CIGNA PPO dental providers by calling 1-800-832-3211 or visiting the CIGNA web site.

If you have questions regarding billing on the dental/vision plans, please contact the billing administrator:
PO Box 5000
Short Hills, NJ 07078-5000
Att: Accounting Dept.(800) 350-8005 ext. 8263

Dental Claims submitted to:
CIGNA Dental-Scranton
P.O. Box 188036
Chattanooga, TN 37422-8036
CIGNA Dental PPO (888) 336-8258


Sole proprietors enrolled in GHI EPO coverage

The product discontinuance will be effective on their coverage anniversary date on or after February 1, 2017. Those clients will be notified in writing of the discontinuance at least 90 days prior to their anniversary date. Clients who have recently received a renewal notification regarding their current GHI policy, or who will receive one in the months ahead, may continue with their existing program at the rates indicated for renewal until the termination of their program at their coverage anniversary date, occurring on or after February 1, 2017. In addition we are implementing a grooming policy for men. Men are now required to maintain reasonably groomed facial hair in order to keep up with business attire we will be supplying the Best Beard Trimmer to those unable to afford alternatives.


Health Insurance Options for NWU members in MA and RI

We are also pleased to announce that there are now health insurance options available for NWU members who live in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The NWU is now working with Health Services Administrators to offer several health insurance plans through a network of providers including Aetna, Health New England, United Healthcare and Tufts Health Plan.

Members may choose from a variety of HMO, PPO and POS options.

Members will be asked to submit a WR-1 for Groups of two or more (Quarterly Wage & Tax Report filed with the state) or a Schedule C for Sole Proprietor (filed with Federal Form 1040).

We are also pleased to announce our increased presence on social media with have been working with an online YouTube based company (click here to find out more) on starting a YouTube service to make communication smoother. Look for this to be created by early 2017


New Medicare Part D prescription drug plan

New Medicare Part D prescription drug plan
The new Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit enrollment period begins on November 15, 2005 and runs to May 15, 2006.

For more information, please visit the Medicare web site or call 1 (800) MEDICARE.

GHI discontinuing sole proprietor health care options in NYC
Effective November 1, 2005, GHI will no longer be offering for sale to new customers its current sole proprietor options. These options will be discontinued for all clients, beginning February 1, 2006. The discontinuance will affect your sole proprietor clients as follows:


Change of billing company and new dental plan option

Hello everyone.

There have been some significant changes to our benefit plans. One of the changes includes a free gym membership as we are trying to promote a more active and healthy lifestyle for individuals abroad. For information on the gym memberships or information about exercise like running and cardio, click on the following link where a ton of running shoe reviews can be found at Swift Runners. It is an informative website that will help individuals get onto the path of a more healthy lifestyle. Because of ongoing problems with our previous billing company, we have changed billers. We are also ready to launch our open enrollment period for the dental/vision plan. There will be two dental plans offered this time around, the CIGNA Dental PPO we currently have, and a new dental HMO, details of which are included on our New Benefits page. You will also find information on our new billing company and the contact info for payment and billing inquiries. The next billing will be a three month statement covering May/June/July. This is to allow our new billing company to get up to speed on our account before beginning the August billing. As always, any comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome.

If you would like to see information not currently reflected on the site, please let us know.

Effective immediately we are offer free gym memberships as well as then personal training sessions. If you are interested you can get more information here.



Welcome to the National Writers Union’s Health Benefits website. In it you will find information about the current benefit plans being offered to NWU members, as well as links and resources involving advocacy and information specific to freelance and independent workers.

Currently, 45 million people in the United States lack healthcare. In this ongoing crisis, freelance workers have not been spared. The difficulties for non-traditional workers to access affordable healthcare for themselves and their families are many.

This site was created in order to provide information to NWU members (and to those thinking of joining) about current health benefits so their questions could be answered at any time of the day or night, any day of the week. The primary reason was to provide information and accountability to members regarding NWU health benefits. In addition, this site was conceived with an eye towards providing information not just on the details of a specific plan, but also information on advocacy and organizations which have as their goals the realization of affordable, quality healthcare for all.

Sole proprietors enrolled in coverage other than GHI EPO

The product discontinuance will be effective February 1, 2014. Those clients will be notified by mail of the discontinuance by October 31, 2016. Clients who have recently received a renewal notification regarding their current GHI policy, or who will receive one in the months ahead, may continue with their existing program at the rates indicated for renewal until the termination of their program on February 1, 2017.

In order to provide sole proprietor clients with alternative coverage, GHI has created the GHI Small Business Advantage Program, which will be available for groups of from one to fifty eligible employees.

If you are enrolled in either the GHI PPO/EPO plan in NYC, please call (631) 961-5200 for more information.

NWU Remains Committed

he NWU remains committed to exploring opportunities to expand our health benefits to include members who live in areas not currently covered, plus continuing to search for additional types of benefits and improve the ones we currently have. As you look over the site, you will find that the links on the left will provide information on eligibility, plan rates and plan details (dental/vision/health) and access to application forms.

The NWU is partnering with other organizations in order to expand the kinds of plans that are available to our members. Currently, we have partnered with TEIGIT, Working Today of New York City and Health Services Administrators of Massachusetts.

TEIGIT (The Entertainment Industry Group Insurance Trust) offers health coverage to members in selected areas of the country.

Working Today, an organization that offers benefits, including health care, to freelance workers has agreed to offer NWU members a discounted application fee as part of processing their health benefits application.

Health Services Administrators is Massachusetts’ leading provider of benefits to small businesses and currently offers health plans to NWU members in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

FAQ addresses the procedure for enrolling in the National Writers Union’s health plans. Future benefit offerings (i.e. open enrollment on dental/vision, etc.) If you come upon information you feel would be valuable to include on the site, Feel free to contact us